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AI Workplace Solutions

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AI for Individuals

Innovative workplace solutions with AI tools to increase efficiency, performance, and overall job fulfillment
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AI for Teams

All the premium workplace features with team functionality, customization, and manager benefits
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AI for Authors and Coaches

Custom built performance feedback modules based on bestselling methodologies and training tools

How it Works

AI joins Your Calls

The SOAR AI bot will start joining your calls, transcribing your conversations and provide summaries to all your invitees.

See Improvement

The SOAR AI performance feedback modules will analyze your performance and provide helpful feedback so you can improve.

AI Feedback to Drive Results

SOAR AI transcribes and summarizes every reorded call. Specialized performance feedback modules create a workplace gamefilm with actionable feedback to accelerate improvement in every role.

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AI Game Film for Training Reinforcement

Just like professional athletes review their game film to improve their skills, you can use AI to improve your performance and get real-time, actionable insights from industry leading experts.

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  • STEPHEN M R COVEY, NYT Bestselling Author, Trust & Inspire

    I was blown away by [the module] and so excited by it.

    I'm so excited by this because of what it can do to coach people, to to gain self awareness, and to know what to do next. Wonderful!

    Leaders go first. Someone needs to go first. This is a tool. The SOAR AI Trust Inspire Coach, it is a tool that is really about helping us go first. How we're coming across so that we can be our best version of ourselves, a trust inspired leader. We are going first. We are modeling the behavior we would like to see. This is a great tool to help us do precisely that.

  • DAVID KASPERSON, Co-Author, Trust & Inspire

    It's really hard when you get rough feedback. [With AI] you're doing this with a with a tool that's intelligent, that's that's got the ability to look at you and communicate to you, and you don't feel you don't feel like you're under the under the magnifying glass. 

    This [AI] is not a person, but it does give you some tools to then be able to [apply and] go to the person instead of just opening and saying, 'Hey, yell me what I did wrong.' It's, 'Hey, I may have come across this way, and I wasn't intending that. Here's where my style may have gotten in the way of my intent.' 

    That's a strong position to be in from a leadership standpoint. It really influences, people's outcomes and takeaways

Affordable Pricing for Everyone

Jump in and turn your potential to accelerted growth.  

  • Starter

    Simplified AI for your meetings
    • Record and Store Video Calls
    • Automatic Sharing
    • Searchable Transcript
    • Simplified Call Summary
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    + AI

    Premium AI features
    • All Starter Features +
    • AI Gamefilm
      Get tailored feedback and trackable grades with success validation and suggestions for improvement on every call. See improvement in every role.
    • Email Composer Tool
      Use AI to analyze and rewrite your emails to be more client-focused or catered to the recipients' strengths or personality type.
    • Unlimited Call Recordings
    • GPT Search for all recorded calls
      GPT semantic search for recorded content. Ask questions like "What did Jim say about marketing?" and get a timeline breakdown of all the times in your recordings Jim talked about marketing.
    • Sentiment Analysis
      It's not just what you say. It's how you say it. Measure and track your sentiments across all your meetings
    • AI CoPilot
      Get daily suggestions and guidance on how to improve in your role.
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    + AI for Teams

    Plus with Team Features
    • All Plus AI features +
    • Custom Team Branding
      Add your logo and color palette to your teams' dashboard so everyone feels at home.
    • Supervisor View
      See how your teams' meetings are going and how they are being graded. Track team performance and see consistent improvement.
    • Tiered Pricing
      How many are on your team? Let's find a price that fits your budget.

Easy & Secure Sharing

Easily share summaries, clips, or entire call recordings with others securely. 

Easy sharing

Works Everywhere

Bring your AI assistant to every video call you are on, whether you’re the host or a guest.

Scribe video connections@3x

Set It and Forget It

With full calendar integration, you can ensure that your AI assistant joins every meeting without having to remember each time.

Scribe calendar@3x

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