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AI-powered call analytics can transform your abilities, regardless of your role.

With tailored GPT insights, you'll gain the feedback needed to refine strategies and drive success in every interaction.

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    Simplified AI for your meetings
    • Record and Store Video Calls
    • Automatic Sharing
    • Searchable Transcript
    • Call Summary
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    Premium AI features
    • All Starter Features +
    • GPT Search for all recorded calls
      GPT semantic search for recorded content. Ask questions like "What did Jim say about marketing?" and get a timeline breakdown of all the times in your recordings Jim talked about marketing.
    • Email Composer Tool
      Use AI to analyze and rewrite your emails to be more client-focused or catered to the recipients' strengths or personality type.
    • AI CoPilot
      Get daily suggestions and guidance on how to improve in your role.
    • Sentiment Analysis
      It's not just what you say. It's how you say it. Measure and track your sentiments across all your meetings
    • AI Insights (add on)
      Get tailored feedback and trackable grades with success validation and suggestions for improvement on every call. Improve your performance no matter your role.
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    Plus for Teams

    Plus with Team Features
    • Insights Packages for Sales, Leaders, Managers, and Coaches
      Custom feedback and grading on every call to help you improve, no matter your role.
    • Custom Team Branding
      Add your logo and color palette to your teams' dashboard so everyone feels at home.
    • Supervisor View
      See how your teams' meetings are going and how they are being graded. Track team performance and see consistent improvement.

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Bring your AI assistant to every video call you are on, whether you’re the host or a guest.

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Set It and Forget It

With full calendar integration, you can ensure that your AI assistant joins every meeting without having to remember each time.

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